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SSJ Spirit of Courage: 2014 Honorees


Brandi Kirby

When Brandi Kirby was 9 years old, family tragedy struck.  By 14, Brandi was homeless.  After help from the Prince of Peace Center, she is now employed, has reconnected with her children, and is a mother, friend, mentor, educator and role model who shares her story of survival and transformation.

... Read More >

Kelly Meyer

In April 2013, Kelly Meyer fell in her bathroom.  Within 10 hours, she was diagnosed with ... Read More >

Patty Mazzarese

Patty Mazzarese has had uncontrollable temporal lobe epilepsy since the age of 11.  Patty opted for surgery in 2012, which temporarily eliminated her seizures, which returned in 2014.  Doctors are working with Patty to devise a treatment plan that will allow Patty to con ... Read More >

Tiel Wilczynski

In April of her sophomore year of high school, Tiel Marie Wilczynski was hospitalized with ano ... Read More >

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