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SSJ Spirit of Courage: 2012 Honorees

Joseph Turano

A Competitor Grounded in Hope

As a high school student, when asked to identify his passion, Joe Turano would light up at the mention of athletics; however, his smile and twinkling eyes would dim just a bit when the focus turned to academics.  Even today, Joe acknowledges that he simply &ldqu ... Read More >

Juanita Allen

More than a Survivor

Life is often described metaphorically as a journey, but human existence could never be defined and explained merely by time, place, arrival, and depa ... Read More >

Promete Haragirimana

Guided by God

      Promete Haragirimana was born in Rwanda in 1987; he was just a toddler when rebel groups from Uganda invaded the country.   Motivated by long-standing ethnic competition and tensions, extremists sought to overthrow t ... Read More >

Sharon Haraczy-Bond

Promises Kept

Conversations recalling significant experiences or cherished childhood hobbies and memories often reveal that the lives and careers of many adults relate directl ... Read More >

Susan D'Aurora

A Woman of Courage

People who’ve faced challenges and triumphed over catastrophes are often humble in their self-assessment.  Many of these exemplary figures attrib ... Read More >

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